XAUXA | The Best Organic Vegan Chocolate

Artificial Intelligence


Perfected by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

XAUXA Chocolate was perfected with the help of Artificial Intelligence Clustering Algorithms and Natural Language Processing Methods in order to determine the most relevant characteristics for food in general and chocolate in particular by mining data from all publicly available publications, discussions, social media, articles, etc.

The results of AI clustering were:

  1. Preserve Cocoa’s Antioxidants: Typical chocolate making process loses most of cocoa’s health benefits
  2. Eliminate Cocoa Butter: Most chocolate making processes dictate adding cocoa butter
  3. Clean-label & Clean-eating: Demands for real ingredients and transparency through authenticity
  4. Organic: Be organic certified
  5. Rapid increase in demand for:
  1. Plant-based (Vegan)
  2. Gluten-free
  3. Dairy-free

We incorporated those results into our recipes, our branding, even our packaging and created a product that is:

  • 3 ingredients only: organic, plant-based, Non-GMO, No additives, preservatives or emulsifiers.
  • Cold Crafted: made at low temperature to preserve cocoa’s health benefits. This offers a very new and unique sensory experience.
  • No Added Cocoa Butter: has health benefits and if kept between two fingers it doesn’t melt –easier to handle and snack on. Also, it keeps well in warmer climates.

For more information please read XAUXA Chocolate | AI Clustering. AI Clustering has been carried out by logicallyMAGIC.