Happiness · Goodness · Fairness
Packed In A Bar

“We believe in smiles and sunshines. We are obsessed with organic, pure and authentic ingredients. We love animals. We strive for transparency.”

Rosaria Giorgi, Founder – XAUXA Inc.

We are determined to bring you chocolate that is scrumptious, yet fair to you, to the planet and to our animal friends.

We only use raw materials from fair trade, produced by cooperatives subject to inspections and checks on their labour standards and the environment.

Our ingredients are organic certified. XAUXA bars are vegan, gluten free, contain no additives, preservatives or emulsifiers. They also contain no added cocoa butter, only that naturally present in the cacao bean. They are then cold-crafted (the temperature never rises above 42°C), fully preserving cacao’s beneficial properties and extraordinary aromatic notes.


XAUXA Chocolate was perfected with the help of Artificial Intelligence Clustering Algorithms and Natural Language Processing Methods in order to determine the most relevant characteristics – for food in general and chocolate in particular – by mining data from all publicly available publications, discussions, social media, papers, articles, etc.

The result is a bar that overwhelms you with the authenticity of its three ingredients (yes, we are also definitely clean label). And it is so that you get to experience “the archetype, the absolute” chocolate.


XAUXA - Chocolate that loves you back

How to pronounce XAUXA?

“XAUXA” means the land of abundance, extreme luxury, delights and happiness.

XAUXA logo is a she-griffin. She is sassy, perfectly coiffed, with a cheeky expression, resolve and elegance. In mythology, they are said to guard hidden treasures and that’s exactly what the XAUXA she-griffin does!